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I am excited to announce my second book!  

Inspired by over 3,000 trips as a rideshare driver, "You Call, I Drive" offers a look at life behind the wheel of your favorite ridesharing app.

Stories include my favorite category of rider, my best story ever, navigational errors, the rider who "loved" me, plus tips on how to improve YOUR rideshare experience.

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I believe that all human communication is storytelling.  Too often we forget that we should always be trying to tell a story.  A novel, a movie or a quarterly financial report, they are all stories.  The information you are trying to share will be retained infinitely better if you remember to tell the story.
----J.D. Phillippi

My Other Sites

The View From the Phlipside
Home of my long-running media commentary radio program and podcast.  Plus looks at movies, books and more!
Stories Are My Life
My writing and creative blog.  Also my personal adventures as a bicyclist, wine lover, T2 Diabetic and more!

J.D. Phillippi, Richmond VA, JDPhillippiAuthor@Gmail.com


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