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Here are all the books I've written, contributed to, or narrated!  Hope you enjoy them all.  There are more to come, I promise!

You Call, small.jpg
You Call, I Drive - Stories From A Rideshare Driver


A collection of thoughts and stories inspired by over 4,000 rides!  I have enjoyed my time behind the wheel and met LOTS of fun and interesting people.  Included are my "10 Tips to A Better Ride" list.

Shorts Cover v3 (2).jpg
Shorts - A Collection of Short Fiction


 Spanning genres, "SHORTS" offers moments of quiet reflection, terror, sadness, and humor.  It's the perfect book for summer reading or a quiet weekend.  Sixteen stories explore everything from the Earth's first encounter with an alien race, your deepest fears of childhood, and a grown man's dark fantasy. Enter into the author's self-described "vivid imagination" and enjoy the stories that are waiting for you there.

Other Book Projects I've Worked On

Air - A Radio Anthology

I have an essay included in this cool book.  20 stories about the "old days" of radio.  My thanks to the folks at Books by Hippocampus!


Order from the Publisher HERE (recommended)

Or from Amazon HERE

The Long Walk Trilogy (Audiobooks)
Stories inspired by actual events during the Battle of the Bulge

Dead Never Sleep.jpg
Castle Kellenberg- The Last Walk.jpg
Baker Company.jpg
Cryptocurrency Series (Audible Audiobooks)
by Edward Harrod, Narrated by J.D. Phillippi 


A series of 9 books on many aspects of blockchain technology, its history, and various kinds of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ripple, DASH, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among others).  A place to start if you're trying to figure out cryptocurrency and blockchain.

(Click on the title to purchase)

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