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July 5, 2016

Can't really do a cover "reveal" since I've had the cover posted here since the day we launched this website.  Thought I'd take a minute to discuss it, though.



First, I did a very bad thing.  I designed it myself.  All the experts are very clear that authors should NEVER design their cover.  We shouldn't even think about designing our covers.  Something about a curse or a very bad rash or something, I don't remember.  Here's why I risked such terrible retribution:



    Short story collections usually have boring covers,
    I really wanted to try it on my own,
    I have "authority" issues,

    I really liked this photo. 


The photo is mine, just like every word inside the book is mine.  It just felt important for me to try my hand.  When the novel is ready, I doubt I will do the same thing (but you never know).  I have fiddled around with some limited graphic design with some minor success.  It makes me appreciate the work that REAL designers do.

 In addition to the bold visual of the photo, I liked the image of a series of connected views.  It felt like a short story collection to me.  Each story is unique and has its own view.  At the same time, each is a part of the whole.


The title almost played a larger part in the design.  I originally considered a picture of a pair of shorts (as in pants).  Hanging on a clothes line or with a pair of skinny legs sticking out them.  I managed to talk myself out of that idea (See, just like a real designer has to do!).


The title itself is intended to be a little whimsical.  As I note in the Foreword, I have avoided calling the book a "short story collection" because I knew some know it all English major would get their noses out of alignment since most of these stories are shorter than traditional short story length.  Thus, the book became simply "Shorts".


Seeing my name on the cover was still a strange and wondrous feeling.  I get the feeling it will only be equaled by the sight of my first sale, and holding the paperback version in my hands.




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