The Journey Continues

May 12, 2016


I am partly terrified and partly excited. Those two feelings contnue to battle their way through my heart and mind. In the end, I have decided to risk failure and plunge into this entire adventure. I have been a story teller all my life.  I've even managed to find ways to make a living as a storyteller.  


Maybe that's the story I should tell first.  The story of how this particular journey began.


The preamble to this story has to do with me finding ways to do what I love doing.  It started with a degree in Theater from a small state college in Pennsylvania.  That changed into a career as a radio DJ and for many years, the host of one of the most popular morning shows in my market. It was a place where I could tell stories.


Then it all came to an end.  That's a long story unto itself but the powers that be decided they no longer required my services.  I was married with a thirteen year old daughter and I was utterly terrified.  (Curiously, at the physical I had a week later, I had the lowest blood pressure readings in years) So I went and talked with someone I trusted, who just happened to be my priest at the local Episcopal church.  There were no jobs in radio in that market that I had any interest in.  It was clear that a big change was coming  and I needed someone to help me get my head on straight.


In that conversation, Fr. Eric Williams asked me the most important question I have ever been asked in my life.  It has changed how I live.  Seriously.  That important.


He said, "Don't worry about whether you can pay the bills. If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be?"


That's a very different question from "What do you want to be when you grow up?" (My answer to that question is - I don't wanna) This is about looking into your heart and finding what you really want to do.


And I realized in that moment that I wanted to tell stories.  It's why I loved acting, it's what I loved most about being on the radio, it's been the center of my work in youth ministry (which is the job I landed as a result of that conversation).  


So this book is a collection of stories that demanded my attention over the last several years.  It represents the latest variation on my answer that day.


It is utterly exhilerating.  And completely terrifying.


Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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