An Unexpected Pause

June 20, 2016

The plan did not involve going "dark" for a month.  But sometimes the reality of life intrudes.  We moved from an apartment to a house.  The process of cleaning, unpacking, figuring out what we need, finding it, installing it, more unpacking and general "I'm too tired to think", created a gap.  After a month, we almost have the chaos under control.  



This is what my office looked like just a week ago.


It's hard, for me at least, to write and be creative in the midst of this kind of mess.  My desk was an equivalent disaster.  Things were stacked on it, to my right and to my left.  I felt crowded and under stress.  Maybe some people can write under those circumstances but not me.


The good news is that the office (and the rest of the house) is just about ready to go.  And that means we can get back under way with this project.  I will be sending the manuscript off to the people who will help me publish it in the next week and then we are rolling.


I promise regular updates on what is going on and where this all began.


Thanks for your patience!

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